Design Your Own Victoria Harbour Light Show!

Teddy Lo Studio is proud to present a competition to design your own light show for Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Harbour.  

Selected teams will be shortlisted and given the opportunity to present their work in  an opening exhibition at Teddy Lo Studio in Kwun Tong in May.   During this time, teams will be encouraged to invite their peers out to view and vote on their works.  


Submit your original designs in no later than 6pm on Friday 6 May.  

5 teams will be shortlisted to have their works displayed at Teddy Lo Studio as part of Victoria Harbour Spektrum project.  


Shortlisted team are encouraged to promote their unique skyline design!  Your team’s exhibition time at our studio will be confirmed in late May and you are encouraged to invite your peers, family and community to support your work.  Use social media to broadcast your design and to vote for it on the website.  Our studio technicians will work with you to create a video of your work.  

Winners will be granted the opportunity to host their own opening exhibition at Teddy Lo Studio in the month of May.  

Winners will be announced after the competition closes on 6 May, 2016. 

 To participate this competition, each team would need to submit their work in a video format.

Please refer to the competition guideline and sample video below. 

Rules & Regulations:

+ Artworks submitted must be original

+ Open to Hong Kong students only

+ One submission per team

+ Length should be 1-2 minutes

+ Minimum 3 people per team

+ Submission deadline 6 May, 2016

+Please contact us on should you have any questions. 


Teddy Lo is an internationally acclaimed light artist based in Hong Kong who has exhibited his works across the USA, Europe and Asia.  

His latest work, the Victoria Harbour Spektrum project is a proposal for a flexible multimedia platform which can integrate and control all of the participating building in the current Victoria Harbour light show with a single control system that links the facades, lighting, projections, lasers, and search lights together for a synchronised presentation.  

During the project’s opening exhibition at PMQ this 14-20 April 2016, Teddy Lo will illustrate just how accessible the platform is to the cultural community at large by inviting the city’s greatest design assets; our design students to participate is this visionary project.