Teddy Lo is an internationally acclaimed LED artist, born and based in Hong Kong, who is recognized in international art circles as a pioneering figure of the Tech-Art scene. Lo has been working with a rich mix of technological and aesthetic elements since his first solo art exhibition, Morphology, in New York City in 2003. That same year, he was included in Lighting magazine’s “Who’s Who of Lighting 2004” list, for his contributions to the lighting industry.

   Since then, Lo has held solo exhibitions in prestigious locations around the world, including the Luminale Festival in Frankfurt, Fantastic Illusions at the Arts Centre Buda in Kortrijk, Belgium, Legacy and Creations”  at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, “I Light Marina Bay” in Singapore, Transmutation” in New York, 798 Art District in Beijing and Burningman Festival in Nevada, among others.

    In 2007, the artist moved back to Hong Kong bringing along his artwork and founded LEDARTIST, an LED consulting company.  He then earned his Master’s degree on Lighting at Queensland University of Technology which led to a career in light art and design.  He has since participated in numerous international art exhibitions and large-scale lighting projects.  From a beginning in graphics, engineering and LED programming to his recent research in sculptural design, spectrum manipulation and interactivity, the artist is looking to push the boundaries of our future applications and experience of lighting with a goal of promoting sustainable technology and advancing human spirituality with his works. 




  • World Trade Center, New York - Coming soon.
  • HSBC Headquarters, Hong Kong
  • Burning Moon, Hong Kong
  • Lee Kum Kee LanternWonderland *Guinness World Records, Hong Kong
  • Tibet Pavillion at Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai
  • VIA HQ Beijing, China
  • CREE HQ China, Huizhou 
  • Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Telecommunication Building, Hong Kong
  • Bank of Communication Building, Hong Kong
  • New World Development properties, Hong Kong
  • Sunshine Plaza, Hong Kong
  • Chaozhou City Lighting, Chaozhou
  • Haiyang Bridge, Shangdong
  • Crown Plaza Hotel, Suzhou
  • Zhongli Hotel, Zhengzhou
  • Macau Lisboa Casino, Macau
  • Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau